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Sunday, May 20, 2018

A Modular and Open Source Router is Being Crowdfunded

The router is the gateway for many people to the internet. We’re all in favour of open source. Most of the routers we find on the market are propriety. How about an open source one? There is a bunch of individuals who are trying to find funds for such project.

It’s important that we do support open source if we truly believe in freedom! It has been proved beyond any doubt that open source supports 100% freedom for its users. Other propriety programs and routers can’t guarantee that because they don’t disclose their code which might contain anything.

More people, after the Facebook scandal, are becoming aware of how many people are watching us behind our backs, registering every movement of our keyboard in order to sell that information to the first buyer!

Educating people is not simply helping them overcome exams, but first and foremost training them to be independent, in thought and action. Those choosing open source are the ones who are not afraid to learn new actions and practices for the sake of freedom of thought and expression. 

This router supports open VPN server. It has parental control features and an internet measuring tool. 

Let’s give a free world to the young people who are growing up today!

The link is found here.

If you need more information about other open source routers then go here

Monday, May 14, 2018

Free Resources: OpenStax

Time is precious. Today time has become more precious because we live in the age of buttons and the answer we’re looking for pops up in a split of a second.

When preparing lessons, tips, comments etc… about lessons, we notice that most educators simply repeat what others have been already doing for years. On the other hand, those who are responsible for resources are not in contact with the real learning situation of the class.

All these concerns can be diminished if something like openstax becomes more popular amongst teachers, parents and students. Finally they can adopt, edit and change the textbooks!!!

Openstax is 100% free. Any author can change the resources found according to his situation! There is no need to invent the wheel as there are already some resources which are commonly shared! They are written by professional content developers who are experts in their fields. Besides these resources undergo a rigorous peer review before becoming available for the general public. 

If one wants to know more just go to: openstax

Sunday, April 29, 2018

E-portfolio: Mahara

Exams have become part and parcel of any education system. But is it just? An exam is just one time photo! How many talents which students achieve or master, yet they can’t show them during exams? A portfolio is an example where a student can show many skills which are not easily tested during exams!

Nowadays we speak of an e-portfolio. Today we present Mahara: an open source modular e-portfolio system. It can easily be integrated with other educational programs or Learning Management System (LMS).

In one link one can find several links to look for particular help. One finds a musical tune of Mahara too! Link to Mahara. If you prefer more youtube videos for help then go here. More youtube videos can be found here. The best advantage of Mahara is that it is student centered. A student can simply not only present the final product but present as well the struggles and challenges faced during the duration of the action taken.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Rogo – An e-Assessment Management System

One of the objectives in teaching is to have a reliable assessment of students. Students and parents too would like to know the true level of students.

Can open source help in this area? Of course it can! Today we are presenting Rogo. Rogo is a leading e-assessment system that is scalable, secure, useable and extensible.

If you’re interested in quickly seeing a demo, then go to:

If you want to download the open source license go to:

For documentation please go to:

If one prefers Youtube videos then go to:

If any educator would like to see any case studies, please go to:

Monday, April 2, 2018

Going for open software in schools

We’ve been writing about open source software for some years now. We’re making more popular, programs or operating systems, which otherwise would have been unknown by the majority of our readers. This is because other companies have lots of money which could be spent in advertising. Open Source does not have enough money to do the same kind of advertising. Hence it relies on the good will of those who have tried it and were satisfied 100%

What about changing completely and going for open source? In some countries it’s still not possible as it is centralised by government or an education department. In other countries they are truly free to roam about and go for a different choice as long as it helps the education of students.

We are presenting the case of a school which was very successful in going for open source but a simple google search would lead to more examples. In all cases, there is no need of a consensus from a large majority. In many cases it all started with just one single person who was totally convinced of the need for change in our IT choices! Read this.

In a summary we are going to outline some advantages for open source.

Open source gives the power to students, teachers and parents to change, fine-tune or re-program according to the school needs. This has two aspects: it gives students the power to change programs according to their wishes. In the meantime they would be preparing themselves for the working world as they would have some practical experience to when it comes working in the IT department. Lastly, any program used would be more efficient, because if not changes can be made.

Open Source gives the students the opportunity to study programs and learn how they are programmed as nothing is hidden! On the other hand students will only learn as long as they have a hands on experience. Open Source provides enough hands on experience. Propriety programs would not allow anyone to tinker with their program! Besides, if the company goes bankrupt, nobody can continue their work. This is the typical case of being locked out! In contrast, Open Source programs can be continued or adapted by anybody in the world!

As an educator, I hate to use programs which are costly or which are not available to students. We use open source, so if the student wants to use the same program, there are no restrictions (financially or legally)! Students can download open source programs for free and as many times they wish to. Practically it’s useless to keep an extra copy because most of them change frequently and there is no limit as to how many times one can download.

The biggest hurdle is that when it comes to IT most people are very lazy. They are used to some programs and they feel threatened if the IT department changes their favourite programs! Others, never thought that a pc could work without their famous operating system! It was a truly complete surprise if other unknown operating system run their pc!

Another hurdle would be that the teachers responsible for change would need a lot of time to select the right programs and to become familiar with. Ideally they would be financially compensated.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Encrypting your files on the cloud

Teachers would like to use the most popular programs for their teaching. They do this because students are already very familiar with them. Hence it cuts down on the learning curve of how to use a program.

On the other hand, both teachers and parents are concerned about privacy. Today we’re presenting a program which can guarantee privacy though using popular programs.

Everybody has heard about the cloud. As students, teachers and parents are travelling nowadays, they would like to be able to fetch their files wherever they are. There are various clouds solutions out there, but the cryptomator will ensure that one’s files are encrypted as soon as they leave the pc/laptop/mobile phone towards the cloud.

Same wise when one is downloading a file, one is sure that the file is secured and cannot be read by third parties!

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Downloading challenge in some schools

Internet speeds in schools are normally painfully slow! How many times teachers and/or educators would like to show something online to students and get frustrated with the speed of the internet?

It’s one thing when a teacher is preparing a lesson at home and it’s another when one is doing it in class. Although some websites can be downloaded from home, others need a direct link especially when involves live data or a situation which is changing really fast.

Today we present Xtreme Download Manager (XDM). Works with all modern browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Chromium, Opera, Vivaldi etc.,) available in Mac, Windows, BSD and Linux. It downloads 5 to 6 times faster!!!

It is beneficial to take over downloads and saving streaming videos from web. XDM has built in video converter which lets you convert downloaded videos to popular MP4 and MP3 formats.

It resumes broken/dead downloads caused by connection problem, power failure or session expiration. XDM can save video from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Facebook and thousands of popular video sharing sites.

If one wants to download it, simply go here. If one prefers some help via videos, then here is the link. Here are some pics.